In a Nutshell

High-level System Overview

  1. State is stored as call data in the Solana ledger, resulting in no rent cost.

  2. Transaction Specify State: Transactions define the state they access (read/write) and include it in the transaction payload.

  3. State Validation:

    1. Solana Programs invoke the Light Protocol System Program to update compressed state.

      1. The protocol validates the state (validity of read state, sum checks, ownership checks).

      2. The protocol enforces a schema: Classic Accounts → Compressed Accounts: Compressed accounts have a layout similar to classic accounts.

  4. State Updates: At the end of a transaction, the new state is recorded as a log on the Solana ledger.

  5. Photon RPC Nodes: These nodes index and persist the logs, making the compressed account state available to clients via the ZK Compression RPC API.

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